What are the benefits of buying store credit?

There are some great benefits to buying store credit.

  • Never lose your budget – When you're closing your accounts for the end of the year and realize you have an unspent marketing budget, investing in future gifts can help you have even greater success next year.
  • Flexibility – You can spend the money when you have it, but only use it when you need to send a gift.
  • Time saving – Some payment methods, such as bank transfers, take time. This is counting any internal paperwork your team has to complete to spend on gifts. Spending in advance means you always have the funds to send a gift at any time.
  • Personal Help – When you purchase store credit, you connect with a corporate gift specialist who is there to help you understand every step of our process. They can even help you select your gifts!
  • Maximize your budget – With store credit, you can invest in your gift campaigns all year long, without putting unnecessary pressure on your end-of-year budget. You can buy your credit in increments, quarterly, or whenever you have an excess in your budget that your team might otherwise lose.

How to buy store credit with Saboreandocr

We get this question a lot, and we thought it was about time we put a quick tutorial on our page.

The first step is easy; simply complete the form at the bottom of the page, indicating the name, telephone, email and amount of prepaid credit desired in CRC or USD.:

The second step is easier! They will send you an email with the secure payment link to complete your purchase. No credit card? No problem. You can pay with an offline payment method, such as a bank transfer.

Step Three : Success! Once your payment has been processed, our team will contact you with a receipt detailing your purchase.

A few things to keep in mind about store credit:

  • Your store credit will never expire.
  • Your store credit can be used for all gifts in our catalog, regardless of country of delivery.
  • We cannot refund your store credit. Once you purchase it, it is yours to use in our store only.
  • Anyone can buy store credit! While this is more common for a business to do, we certainly welcome personal store credit applications.

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