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Once upon a time, in a far country, some young people...
Now I know, you're looking at the screen with a face that screams 'Wait what? Is this still the Saboreandocr website? Or some other kind of disbelief at having found a page with enough nerve to start 'Once Upon a Time'.
'Because…you know…I just want a present.' Sure, that's a worthwhile protest, and I get your point. But if you wanted a faceless company, run by corporate bots with no personality, you wouldn't be here, would you?

So let me tell you a story. An epic story of how it was possible for you to get your gift. You see, this is not just any gift company.

Tasting® (registered trademark) , works under the methodology of E - commerce Gifts Groceries and flowers in Costa Rica.
It was born in 2015 at a business lunch in the city of San José Costa Rica, at that time its founders, one with a degree in Banking, Finance and Management, another with a degree in Business Administration, found this niche market untapped in a way professional, their idea was to promote friendship, affection and love from a distance, so they decided to open an online store only since both the clients and the recipients are in very different places, even thousands of kilometers away: Saboreandocr takes care of each order from start to finish.
After 3 years they opened with great emotion, the physical location located in San Francisco de Dos Ríos, San José, Costa Rica.
"We love this turn of the business because it involves us so much with people, we perceive their emotions in which we participate, happiness abounds us as well as our clients!" Something wonderful is that although we are delivering a product, each one of these is ART, handmade, and with which we bring love, joy and happiness to many people!"


Due to Covid-19, we had to return to our origins of E-commerce only and close the physical location, a change that at the moment we do not plan to undo in the medium term.


After many years, Saboreando® works with international business partners and has clients in more than 200 countries. Our team is made up of more than 25 people, both direct and indirect. 
Saboreandocr is an incredibly simple service for sending gifts to all of Costa Rica, with intuitive tools and ridiculously fast payment processes.
5 star clients abroad Saboreanodcr


We were featured by La República Newspaper on two consecutive occasions, also named as the First Featured Company in Costa Rica by Kolau-Google Partner, and An award as International Partner preferred by Gift Basket Overseas.
We also have a perfect 5 🌟 rating on Google, from our customers all over the planet!
Currently we bring gifts to all of Costa Rica, and as if that were not enough, to all corners of the world through international partners and local companies; so if you need to send a gift to and from Russia, Japan, India, America etc., don't hesitate to write to us!

We work with corporate clients such as:

Saborandocr corporate giftsAstrazeneca sends gifts to its employees by SaboreandocrMuchbetter sends gifts for SaboreandocrSaborandocr corporate giftsSaborandocr corporate gifts Saborandocr corporate gifts
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