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Hello dear! As most of you know , Saboreandocr is an edible gift company with coverage throughout Costa Rica. Since its inception, it has had technological tools to carry out the task from start to finish!

In the wake of the pandemic a (fast-growing) US-based startup company called SnackMagic , an e-commerce snack box store that specializes in corporate giveaways, though individual consumers also make up a portion of the company's clientele. shop.

The idea of ​​SnackMagic was to maintain the privileges of employees who were confined to their homes as a result of the sanitary measures, by sending boxes of healthy but delicious snacks.

SnackMagic in Costa Rica by Saboreandocr

That rapid growth meant that they had to turn to local partners in more than 200 countries. In this search for suppliers with high standards of quality and customer service, it is that they begin relationships with our company Saboreandocr .

Today SnackMagic has sent hundreds of corporate and individual gifts and many Silicon Valley companies, including Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Amazon, etc; through us Saboreandocr , in a fully automated way.

We maintain a varied menu of stashes with constant updates to meet the demand for collaborators located in Costa Rica .

Our mission at Saboreandocr is to give the gift giver the same amazing experience as the gift recipient and to make sure every customer is delighted with their gift box. When we create new gift concepts, we always put ourselves on the receiving end and ask the question; How would we feel if we received this gift box? Would you be impressed? SnackMagic has taken off, so keep an eye out for a whole new range of exciting concepts and products!

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