Coverage locations (with exceptions)

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Wedding present

We ship to all of Costa Rica

Green Zone : Guaranteed exact delivery date.
Purple : D+2
Yellow :D+3
Orange : D+5
Being *D* the day of purchase + the corresponding additional days. Outside the green zone the days are approximate, we cannot guarantee a specific date.


1. We send these gifts to all of Costa Rica:

🍫 Gifts:

🚚 Shipped: from ¢4995 to ¢6900 depending on the dimensions of the article.

Usual carriers:

🚛 Moovin.
🚛 Post Office from Costa Rica.

⏰ Delivery time: D+1-5 APPROXIMATE business days after shipment according to delivery area. Despite this, we cannot offer a specific day and time that it will be delivered, since they have their own shipping policies, so the time in some cases may be longer.

2. Also express service to the following areas of the GAM.

  • In addition to those mentioned, other places may not have coverage. Consult customer service agent to verify price and coverage.
  • Price from ¢3000 colones.
  • Sent by vehicle, they have a differentiated price, since they are sent by vehicle.
  • If your delivery is in a Restricted Area, don't worry, you can purchase one of these GIFTS and we'll send it to the nearest Post Office branch and we'll inform the recipient that you have a gift for pickup.

Saint Joseph

1. San José ( See areas of non-coverage below )

2. Escazu.

3. Desamparados ( We do not cover Los Guido, Capri // Higuito // El Llano // San Miguel ONLY the center )

6. Aserrí (To the center)

7. Mora (We only cover Ciudad Colón Centro and Brazil) **

8. Goicoechea (We do not cover Purral, Los Cuadros)

9. Santa Ana (To the Center)

10. Alajuelita (We do not cover San Felipe, La Aurora, El Tejar, Las Tablas, Tejarcillos, Los Filtros, El Llano)

11. Vásquez de Coronado (Up to the Center)

12. Tibás (We do not cover the limit of 4 queens and León 13)

13. Moravian.

14. Mountains of Oca.

15. Curridabat (We do not cover Tirrases)


1. Alajuela (We only cover Downtown, Desamparados, San Rafael and Río Segundo)


1. Cartago (we do not cover Coris, Los Diques)

2. Paradise (Up to the Center) * *

3. The Union

4. Oreamuno (Downtown San Rafael)

5. El Guarco (We do not cover Patio de Agua.// Tobosi and San Isidro only up to the Center)


1. Heredia.

2. Barva (Only the Center)

3. Santo Domingo

4. Santa Barbara (Downtown Only) * *

5. San Rafael (Only the Center)

6. San Isidro (Only the Center) * *

7. Bethlehem

8. Flowers

9. Saint Paul

We also do not cover:

  • bundle : July 25, Reina De los Ángeles, Las Gavetas, Los Mojados, Bajos de Sagrada Familia, Under the stab wound, Thank God we are not going to the river
  • turkeys : Rincón Grande, ST Barbara, Villa Esperanza, St Fé, Lomas, After the psychiatric hospital to the west we have no coverage.
  • San Sebastian : Set 15, Jul 25, López Mateo, Aguantafilo, Reina De los Ángeles, the wet ones.
  • Uruca : Carpio, Leon13, Rossiter, Heart of Jesus
  • Saint Joseph : The most
  • We do not enter malls, the recipient must go out to the main street, likewise in places where there is no parking, for example Banco de Costa Rica central offices, they must also pick up on a public street.
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