Shipping to all Costa Rica

Green Zone : Guaranteed exact delivery date.
Purple : D+2
Yellow :D+3
Orange : D+5
Being *D* the day of purchase + the corresponding additional days. Outside the green zone the days are approximate, we cannot guarantee a specific date.

How so, delivery to the whole country?

Of course,

All the gifts?

No, you must select what indicates "Sent to all of Costa Rica", since they cannot contain fresh products.

And the shipping cost?

Super cheap, between ¢4995-¢8500 depending on the size of the gift.

Is the delivery to the door of the house?

Yes!!! Of course there are some exceptions, for example if they are dangerous areas, or very rural. In these cases, the gift will remain at the nearest Costa Rica Post Office branch.

How long do they take to deliver?

Delivery time: + 1-4 business days APPROXIMATE after shipment. Although they are usually delivered quickly, we cannot offer a specific day, since the logistics of transit to remote areas could cause possible delays.

Do the gifts arrive in good condition?

Due to the nature of the mail service, it is clear that it is handled like any other package, the gift may not arrive as it left our factory, since it goes through a process of transportation, storage, etc. as a natural part of the mail service. It is important to consider!
Clear! At Saboreandocr we send all the gifts in recycled boxes, and we try to pack them in such a way that they suffer as little as possible on the way.

How do I know if the gift has already been delivered?

Once the gift is sent, we will send you the guide number and tracking link. You can see all the movement. Most updates are given at the end of the day as it is not real time at some stages of the shipment.

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