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Kolau Saboreandocr

Congratulations for being the first prominent company in Costa Rica!

For Kolau, it is an honor to inaugurate the MSME Digitization Plan in Costa Rica , with a weekly series of interviews with prominent companies, and thus give visibility to successful MSMEs that will accompany us in this beautiful Central American country.

What better way to celebrate that we are already in Costa Rica working on the digitization of micro-enterprises than with flowers, strawberries, chocolates, balloons and all the fanfare that edible arrangements of  savoring ?

Cheysson Solano and Ariana Garcia are two administrators and husbands who launched their own family business of edible arrangements more than five years ago. An enterprise in which perseverance and love for work, family and serving customers are very present. Today they share with our readers, how this sweet path to undertake has been, which without a doubt has also had some troubles with lessons learned........

QUESTION. Hi Cheysson and Ariana, welcome to our weekly interview series. We would like to start by learning a little more about how Saboreando came about and what is its history?

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