Can you give flowers or bouquets to men?

Flowers and bouquets are one of the best gifts to give and receive. They are cheerful, pretty and smell good, in addition to the fact that they can symbolize love, friendship, support and affection, they can also be perfectly combined in edible gifts . But you have to accept it: it is NO longer difficult to give flowers or bouquets to a man . Although very few men will find it difficult to appreciate it and will even feel that their virility is threatened. Fortunately this does not have to be so. Times have changed and there are more and more men who dare to get out of that restrictive cage of virility in which they seem locked up. That being said, it is possible to give a man edible flowers or bouquets without clashing with his virility. It's just a matter of knowing how to present the gift, and for this, Saboreandocr is an expert!!

Currently thousands of people do it around the world, why wouldn't you? It is extremely pleasant to receive flowers and bouquets and men already testify to it, many will say no but it is because they do not know the feeling. The arrangements can be romantic or modern, it will depend on the personality of the person you send to, but they will always be well received and perfect.

Custom dictates that flowers have usually been a man's gift to a woman, but this feature "has already changed" in an incipient way, as explained by Saboreandocr . 10% of the people who bought flowers or bouquets for their partners were women, almost three percentage points more than a year earlier (6.8%).

The website for the sale of edible and floral gifts Saboreandocr ensures that most of its customers are female, although on Valentine's Day the buyer profile is male. Of course, the director of operations of the platform, Jordán Solano, highlights that the destination of these flowers or bouquets is different depending on the gender: 82% of men buy them for their couple, while "around 30% of women he wants for other people” in his life: mothers, friends, etc.

There is no defined occasion to send flowers and bouquets to a man, any day, any moment he will be happy, it will be a surprise, what's more, they love receiving flower arrangements for the same reason they send them, important dates: a birthday, An anniversary, Valentine's Day and Parents' Day are ideal dates to return the gesture. There are still simple occasions like when he invites you to a BBQ you can bring him a beautiful gift with flowers.

One trick you can use to make your flower arrangement more welcome is not to make flowers the only gift. At Saboreando we have a large number of arrangements that are accompanied by flowers , but it is not the only element present. Give him a basket with wine, beer or chocolates . In this way, you can use the flowers as a decorative aspect with great meaning . as the two share a drink.

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