Roses or Flowers on Valentine's Day, current tradition or discontinued fashion?

February 14 is a designated day for all those who celebrate love and, above all, an outstanding date. Tradition calls for giving red roses on Valentine's Day, a symbol of passion between lovers, but is this tradition really still in force?

The numbers managed by Saboreandocr , a company specializing in gifts, encourage us to believe in the importance of the sector on Valentine's Day: they plan to send hundreds of gifts during this day. Of course, they ensure that some trends have changed compared to a few years ago.

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Is the rose the winner?
If there is something that does not change for many days of lovers that pass, it is the type of flower that is given as a gift. The red rose is the undisputed leader, despite the fact that February is not the best time for its cultivation.

There are those who opt for giving flowers, "diversify" the types of flowers --although "red is almost always preferred."

Back to the question, Roses or Flowers on Valentine's Day, current tradition or discontinued fashion?

Although on Valentine's Day it has been and will be a custom or tradition for years, the truth is that the type of flower no longer only focuses on the red rose, for these dates roses of different colors, sunflowers, gerberas are in trend; This in the case of wanting to give flowers.
However, according to the numbers of the Saboreandocr company, 96% of customers prefer to give an edible gift, be it fruit, chocolate or among others, such as options for diabetics, athletes, snack boxes and more!

This is in addition to the fact that 35% of the gifts sent are not for the couple, but rather for friends, family, collaborators; and it is that love and friendship is represented, and is present in diverse and infinite forms.

So if you plan to give a present on these dates, it is best to be more original, in order to surprise your recipient wonderfully.

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